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Ocean Prediction Center Virtual Tour - Atlantic Regional Desk

The Atlantic Regional Desk is staffed 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays. The daily work flow is split evenly between a day shift (1100Z-2100Z) and a night shift (2300Z-0900Z). This desk is usually occupied by the lead forecaster on duty.

Desk Highlights:

Atlantic Regional Significant Wave Height Analysis
Latest Atlantic Regional Significant Wave Height Analysis
Atlantic Regional Desk OPC Offshore Zones
Lead Forecaster Paul Vukits manning the Atlantic Regional Workstation Shaded in green: OPC's Offshore Zones

More Details:

The Atlantic Regional Desk focuses on marine weather for areas closest to the shore. This desk's forecasts covers the Nation's Exclusive Economic Zone, an area that extends approximately 250 nm from the coast. The Regional Desks differ from the High Seas Desks in several distinct ways. The text forecasts extend farther out in time, currently to 5 days, and the digital grids extend to 7 days on the internet. The text forecasts are more detailed, both temporally and descriptively, and include additional weather details such as precipitation and local hazards. The Regional Desks also provide extratropical storm surge guidance to local NWS Weather Forecast Offices as part of their forecast discussion.

This desk is most often staffed by the Lead Forecaster on duty.

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