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Ocean Prediction Center Virtual Tour - CREWSS

CREWSS (Collect Review Edit Weather data from the Sea Surface) is an interactive computer based system to perform real time quality control (QC) of marine data, including ship and buoy observations. Originally developed in 1988 through the cooperative efforts of the National Ocean Service (NOS), National Weather Service (NWS), and the National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (NESDIS), it was transferred to the responsibility of the OPC in 1995.

Why QC?

Ensures observation accuracy before being ingested and assimilated into computer weather models

Improves performance of NCEP computer weather models, which are dependent on quantity and quality of initial observations

Saves useful observational data that automated QC would normally exclude from the model

Benefits to Meteorologists:

Provides instant credibility to marine observations

Provides validation to ongoing forecast, or could show a need for an adjustment/update to the ongoing forecast

Provides a first look at model initialization

Encourages accurate observations from ships and buoys with the marine community (PMO's and DBCP)

QC sample image Buoy QC image

Buoy QC image 2
QC program dashboard, over 1,200 'flagged' observations (in red) A detailed look into a 'flagged' observation, images are sequential

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