S-41X Marine Weather Overlays

S-41X is comprised of three product specifications that are under development by the Ocean Prediction Center, on behalf of the Expert Team on Maritime Safety Services (ETMSS) of JCOMM. These product specifications will outline the content, structure, and metadata needed for creating a fully compliant S-41X dataset that will be compatible as overlays, with future electronic navigation systems including Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS).

S-41X is being developed within the framework specification defined by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) S-100 Universal Hydrographic Data Model and the International Standards Organization (ISO) 19100 series of standards. These product specifications will be primarily intended for encoding maritime weather and sea condition analyses and forecasts for situational awareness, planning purposes and hazard mitigation.

These product specifications are a few of many that are being developed. More information on S-100 and these other product specifications can be found at the IHO Publications site.

S-41X contains the following:

  • S-412: Weather and Wave Hazards

  • S-413: Weather and Wave Conditions

  • S-414: Weather and Wave Observations

Supporting Documents - Updated August 2018