Hurricane Warnings in Effect
Pacific:  High Seas EP1

About 48 Hr Wind & Wave Forecast

Manually produced forecasts of Sea State are produced twice a day. These charts depict the expected significant sea state with a 1 meter height contour interval using model guidance from WaveWATCH III and subjective modifications. Where appropriate, relative maximum and minimum wave heights are centrally depicted with a sea state value in a box. Also, forecast winds (in knots) are depicted with winds barbs. Maximum significant wave heights analyzed does not take into account higher individual wave heights. Remember that significant wave height is defined as the average height of the highest 1/3  of wave heights observed.

Areas of superstructure ice accretion, based on a specialized ice accretion model, are identified with a unique, internationally recognized, symbol. A bold line separates areas of moderate or greater from light or less. The areas of fast ice (ice attached to land) are shown with a scalloped edge when appropriate.