About Offshore & Adjacent Waters Sea State Analysis

Manually produced analysis of sea state produced for 3 hour intervals for offshore and adjacent waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. These graphics are used by the Ocean Prediction Center for its 24 hour "watch" on winds and sea state conditions in its regional area of responsibility. These graphics also provide guidance for National Weather Service Forecast Offices with coastal water responsibility on the west and east coasts of the U.S. . The charts depict the analyzed significant sea state at 3 foot height contour intervals. The central value of significant wave heights imply that higher individual waves are possible. The data comes from ships and buoys. It may include data from polar orbiting satellites such JASON data which shows sea state values in narrow swaths under the orbital path. In areas of sparse data, model guidance and continuity is used to make an estimate of significant sea state. Reported sea state from buoys and ships is in feet and is colored green. The period of predominant swell wave is in seconds and is colored bright blue. The swell direction is shown by the white arrows, and the reported wind speed and direction is shown by the yellow arrows.

Additional information about the graphical products legend is available at http:///product_description/PLBZ04.GIF.

OPC's Product Guides are available at https://ocean.weather.gov/product_guides.php.