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Ocean Prediction Center Virtual Tour - Pacific Regional Desk

The Pacific Regional Desk is staffed 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays. The daily work flow is split evenly between a day shift (1300Z-2300Z) and a night shift (0100Z-1100Z).

Desk Highlights:

Pacific Regional Significant Wave Height Analysis
Latest Pacific Regional Significant Wave Height Analysis
Pacific Regional Desk Pacific Offshore Area of Responsibility
Lead Forecaster Jim Kells working on the Offshore grid production Shaded in green: OPC's Offshore Zones

More Details:

The Pacific Regional Desk focuses on marine weather for areas closest to the shore. This desk's forecasts cover the Nation's Exclusive Economic Zone, an area that extends approximately 250 nm from the coast. The Regional Desks differ from the High Seas Desks in several distinct ways. The text forecasts extend farther out in time, currently to 5 days. These text forecasts are also more detailed, both temporally and descriptively, and include additional weather details such as precipitation and local hazards. The Regional Desks also produce online digital gridded forecasts of marine weather parameters that extend out 7 days.

Another unique aspect to the Pacific Regional Desk is the focus on maritime products centered on Alaska, the Bering Sea, and the Arctic Ocean. To view these Alaska/Arctic-centric products, see the OPC's new tab: OPC Alaska/Arctic Portal.

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